Thursday, 30 August 2007

Baby led weaning of JJ


Well, where do I start? When my little boy 'JJ' was a few months old everybody started talking about weaning. I had never given it too much thought - although I always assumed I would make my own purees - I was just going to do what the health visitor had suggested in a talk she gave. I had no idea there was another way. I first heard about BLW on a message board I visit and did a bit of reading on the Internet whilst DH was working nights. A few hours later and with very sore eyes from all that reading, I felt very excited about what I had read and had decided it was the thing for us (providing DH agreed of course!). It just sounded so natural and seemed to make perfect sense.

DH and I chatted and he liked the sound of the idea too so I read all the usual websites/blogs to get as much info as I could (I love a project). In the couple of weeks leading up to JJ's half birthday we gave him the odd slice of fruit to suck on now and again and a couple of weeks before he was 6 months we made a proper start. I was so excited at every lick, suck and chew he made. It took so much concentration for him to get food to his mouth but he was very good and enjoyed having food in his mouth straight away. I really couldn't have anticpated how messy he would get and I have literally hundreds of photos of him smeered with food and looking gorgeous! I looked forward to every meal. I was very worried about gagging/choking at first but this worry really did disappear within a few days. He didn't really gag at all after the first couple of weeks.

Everybody else I know uses purees so I did feel a bit out on a limb but also quite liberated. They all think I am mad I am sure but I didn't mind as it seemed so right for us. JJ loves meals most of the time but he has days where he refuses to entertain food. I used to imagine other babies happily guzzling down spoon after spoon of mush whilst JJ nibbled a bit of broccoli and threw it on the floor. I now realise that most of my friends using purees have days like these, that JJ used to do this when just breastfed too and that he always got back on track at the end. It seems like they eat so little in the early days and I used to find myself thinking he just wasn't getting enough and was I doing the right thing. But it really doesn't take long for them to get the hang of the eating thing - it takes practise like sitting, crawling etc (and like these things all babies do it differetnly and at different times). This kind of rational thinking isn't easy to do though when you are the only person you know weaning this way and when half the people you meet think you are going to let your child choke to death any day soon!!! Joking aside, family were all very supportive and encouraging of our decision and were very impressed with JJ's eating and many people are very interested in BLW.

From the start I wrote my own blog because when I was researching it was only on the Internet I could find out about BLW and found the websites and blogs like this one so useful. The support and confidence I got from other ladies doing the same thing makes my blw experiecne so much easier. I am loving writing my own blog and have lots of people commenting saying how the ideas and videos I post help them which is great.

JJ now eats very well, he likes everything and has such a varied diet compared to any baby I know. It was hard to imagine him eating the way he does back at the start but they do get there eventually. He still has days or weeks when he goes off his food, especially now he is teething, but most of the time he tucks in with a smile on his face. I have thoroughly enjoyed cooking for my boy, inventing things for him to eat, discovering his preferences and watching each tiny step in his development. The whole thing has been an adventure and we are only really at the start as he is only 8 moths now!

Check out my blog of you fancy a peek, Thanks to Mel for the great blog and letting us post here. Hope it helps some new BLWers!

Laura x

Friday, 3 August 2007


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